Yahshua is making dough after being homeless

A job is something you should take seriously and be thankful that you have because God is good all the time! ❤

This is young Yahshua. We helped him late last year when he found himself homeless and living in the Central Arizona Shelter Services on the Human Services Campus. He came back to us recently when he found himself unemployed once again. After his intake on June 17th, 2020, Lead Employment Specialist, Ruben Myers set Yahshua up with an interview right away. Two days later, he came back into SJW to ring the bell! He was hired at a local bakery and café as part of their production baking team, a full-time position, paying $12.25/hour and that offers benefits (after a probationary period). He starts work right away!

After he got his employment offer, we outfitted Yahshua with a week’s worth of appropriate work clothing, non-slip shoes required for his job, and a monthly bus pass to ensure he would have reliable transportation – one of the most significant barriers that the poor and struggling grapple with in keeping their employment. Both happy and grateful, Yahshua’s smile says it all.

In answer to the question, ‘What does a job mean to you?’ he says, “something you should take seriously and be thankful that you have, because God is good all the time! ❤” (The heart was included in his written statement.)

To our loyal and generous community of supporters, Yahshua’s smile is for you. Thank you for all that you do to ensure we can continue doing what we do. Thank you for being our partner, “Transforming Lives through Employment!”