Yader’s Success Story

All the bad can change to positive in life. With God, all is possible.

SJW clients are the most marginalized and poorest in our community. Our clients are the hardest sub-group of the jobless population to employ. And a full 20% of those that SJW supports are Hispanic (whereas they are 29% of Arizona’s total population). This statistic highlights the well documented fact that ethnic minorities fall disproportionately into the lower socioeconomic strata of society; and are the hardest hit when the economy is troubled, causing further hardship and personal tragedy. At SJW, we do not believe in labels or categorizations. We love and accept everyone for where they are; and are passionately driven to help everyone that wants to work, find a job that can help them create a self-sufficient and healthy life. That being said, we do our part every day to alleviate the troubling statistics that are a part of our community’s reality. If and until we can all do better to alleviate the broader underlying conditions that contribute to systemic poverty, SJW will be here, every day, putting people back to work and helping them create better and healthier lives!

Yader is a native Nicaraguan, and though a proficient English speaker, his first language is Spanish. HSC Employment Specialist extraordinaire, Sue, met him at the triage table on the Human Services Campus (HSC) (… where, due to COVID-19, all clients undergo a health screening and are then escorted to SJW personally) allowing Yader to communicate more easily in his first language. Yader is currently staying at the Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS) on Campus. He was referred to SJW for support resources when he was fortunate to get a job. SJW provided him with a 15-day bus pass and the clothing he needed to begin working. Hired at Surge Staffing to be a picker, he works 36 hours/week and makes $13.25/hour. He is grateful!

What does a job mean to Yader? “All the bad can change to positive in life. With God, all is possible.” His courage, work ethic, quickness to laugh, and missing fingers encapsulate – in one employment specialist’s humble opinion – what it means to be an SJW client. What a life Yader must have led; what a life he continues to lead! We wish him many blessings and much success as he works to build a life beyond homelessness. Go Yader!

And we thank you, as ever, for your loyal and generous support of our work and our clients! You make our work possible every day, and we are grateful. Thank you for partnering with us, “Transforming Lives through Employment!”