Recurring Donor

We need you now more than ever. St. Joseph the Worker is committed to helping the community come out of this COVID-19 pandemic strong, financially sound, and firmly employed. St. Joseph the Worker is 100% community funded by community members like you, please help us remain viable post-pandemic, when we will be needed most #theSJWcommitment 

“Back to Work” Recurring Donation

Become a “Back to Work” donor by establishing an automatic, monthly, quarterly or annual donation to the St. Joseph the Worker.
Becoming a “Back to Work” donor benefits you by spreading out your annual gift into conveniently budgeted payments.

“Back to Work” donors help:

  • purchase over $90,000 in client work essentials such as steel-toed work boots, food handlers cards, tools, licenses or certificates; often common requirements for securing a job, and helping someone maintain a new job.
  • fund $40,000 annually on job-seeking individuals bus fare needed to complete job applications, attend job fairs and or participate in job interviews.
  • provide one on one job development at a cost of $150,000 annually

Setting up your automatic recurring donation online through our secure online donation service saves us time and money in processing costs so your gift goes further. And it benefits St. Joseph the Worker by providing a reliable source of unrestricted support for our program.

St. Joseph the Worker is an Arizona non-profit 501(c)(3) employment service. Your donation may qualify you for the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit.

St. Joseph the Worker receives no government funding.  Our programs are 100% supported by private donations like yours!

Your support is greatly appreciated.