Tim Thanks SJW

Outfitting our clients for employment success is one piece of SJW’s holistic approach to supporting and empowering those who want to work. SJW clients often come from the worst and most tragic circumstances, but when they walk into an SJW clothing closet for an outfitting experience, it often has a rather dramatic effect. There is a well-known and true adage that “clothes don’t make the man,” but at SJW – as we work daily with people for whom having clean clothes, changes of clothes, and especially clothes that are appropriate and professional to interview or work in, is nothing short of a luxury – we have found that clothes and a little personal attention can go a long way toward building confidence and making someone feel good about themselves and worthy of being hired. It matters!

Our Teen Workforce Initiative coordinator and resident manager at SJW’s Tailor Made for Success location, Rae Herrera, received this note from a recently outfitted client getting ready to start his new job.

“Good morning Rae, I just wanted to let you know that I am truly grateful for the clothes. Something as simple as a new outfit helps one mentally and gives a new-found confidence to tackle what the day throws their way. The style chosen was right up my alley and similar clothes I have had in the past (which was ironically cool), even down to the shoes. Thank you for what you and your team do for people on a daily basis. Sometimes in life, we don’t get the appreciation that we deserve (although we don’t do it for the accolades) but it is still nice to know that you are appreciated. So, today I wanted to let you and your entire team and organization know – THANK YOU AND I APPRECIATE IT! The gas card is also a small burden lifted! Your friendliness and quick process made it for such an easy experience and a great one at that! Have a great day and even better rest of your week. I wish you all nothing but continued success in the future.  Very Respectfully, Tim”

We celebrate and share these communications with our team and with those who support our work. As Tim says, though not done for the accolades, this genuine appreciation is a reminder of why we do what we do, no matter how disheartened we sometimes feel by the pain and suffering around us. Rae says, “it’s nice to know that SJW helps, not only with jobs, but also with our client’s confidence and emotional health.” Indeed!  

Thank you for your support of SJW’s mission and work! You have helped to make things just a little bit easier for folks like Tim, thus making their ability to succeed in employment more likely. We cannot say it better than Tim did himself, “THANK YOU AND WE APPRECIATE IT!” Together, we are “Transforming Lives through Employment!”