Need Employment

St. Joseph the Worker helps hundreds of people secure quality employment each year. Whatever obstacles you are facing, if you are serious about employment, St. Joseph the Worker can help! There are no fees for our services.

St. Joseph the Worker offers the following services to individuals looking for work:

• A job developer to help you create a customized job searching plan with job leads for the industry you are looking for
• Transportation assistance to help you with your job search and employment
• Financial assistance with uniform requirements, tools, or other work essentials once employment is secured and verified
If you have a job, and are in need of resources to begin work, please have verification of your employment ready. This includes a letter of hire or a paystub. If you need additional resources, you will need to provide verification from the employer for those items as well.

To be eligible for resources, employment must meet the following minimum criteria:

• Part time (20-25hrs per week) and likely to continue (no day labor/event based jobs)
• Hourly Pay / Minimum Wage and up (no commission based jobs, draws, or telemarketing positions)
• W2 wage earner (no 1099 or off the books jobs/ Fed and state taxes must be taken out)


Downtown Phoenix
1125 W. Jackson Street, Phoenix, 85007

Maryvale Community Success Center
6850 W. Indian School Road, Phoenix, 85033
Alexandria Flores

West Valley
Alexandria Flores

East Valley and Central Valley
Elliott Bartell

Daren Strunk

Mobile Success Unit