Sarah’s Success Story

“Good afternoon my name is Sarah. I just move to Arizona before this virus hit. I thought it was going to be so easy to just come here, start over and get a job. I have put in so many applications online with no luck. Then, I saw your organization on the local news. I would like to see if there’s any job leads I can get, or if you guys are able to help me find employment. I have experience in the healthcare field and did administrative work for the last five years; but I’m willing to do anything at this point. I am desperate. If someone can, please contact me. Thank you for your time.”

During the COVID-19 crisis, St. Joseph the Worker has been busy every day, getting people back to work! On an April morning, our office manager at SJW 5800 came in to receive this anguished message.

The amazing team at SJW 5800, our newest office location, was all over it! They called Sarah, got her into the office right away, interviewed her and connected her to open employment opportunities that fit her qualifications and where she could begin working immediately, and provided any resources she would need to be employment ready and successful in her interview. And … SHE GOT THE JOB!!!

The COVID-19 pandemic is not stopping us. It is fueling us! SJW is open and employing as many people as we possibly can, as quickly as possible, and in quality jobs.

If you are out of work during this scary time – whether you need full time permanent placement, or temporary stop gap employment to get your family through this crisis financially intact – we are here to support, empower and connect you to real employment opportunities. SJW is here for you!