Roni returns to the medical field after a brief hiatus

It sometimes hits me hard how much I take for granted – things that seem so small to me, but things that, in a slightly different situation, have the power to change the trajectory of someone’s life. Roni was a trained X-ray technician and loved her career. She took an 18-month course and got her professional certification to serve in this area of the medical field. And then life happened, and Roni fell on hard times. Dealing with life at the precipice of homelessness, Roni was unable to renew her technician certificate, leaving her without many of the options a highly skilled individual would normally have at their disposal to put their lives back on track.

In the beginning of June, Lead Employment Specialist Ruben Myers, did Roni’s intake, setting her up with job leads and interview clothes. She came to our offices shortly after to obtain a daily bus pass and take her drug test; and today she rang the bell! Roni was hired through the Compass Group, who staffs for hospital custodians. Though not working in the field she loves, she is, at least, in a health care setting, and knows that she will be doing some of the most critical front-line work society needs right now – the work of keeping our hospitals and medical facilities clean and safe! This temp-to-hire position starts at $12.00/hour and will become permanent, providing Roni with benefits after 90 days! We also provided her with a monthly bus pass so she can get back and forth to work reliably.

What does a job mean to Roni? “A job is the road to achieving goals, becoming independent, and being able to use any job as a platform to share my spirit with those around me.” Roni is hopeful that this job will start her on the road back her beloved career as an X-ray technician. We recognize and applaud Roni’s attitude and perseverance and we wish her much luck achieving her career goals!  

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