MJ Comes to Phoenix to Find Opportunity

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there were 200 people moving to the state of Arizona every day. And though Arizona’s economy is facing challenges due to this crisis, people haven’t stopped coming here. This includes those who find themselves without jobs, without homes, and without opportunities where they currently reside. Our cost of living, though high, is not as high as several other states; and our economy has diversified and grown to the point that, by comparison, there is opportunity here. There are jobs to be had in Phoenix if someone is willing and wanting to work! That was the case with MJ, a recent transplant to Arizona from New York.  

MJ moved here in June after a stint In Las Vegas where he was having a difficult time obtaining and maintaining employment that would allow him to afford his rent. Frustrated but determined, he did some research and hopped on a Greyhound Bus to our fair city, hoping for better opportunities.

Upon arrival, MJ didn’t know anything about the Human Services Campus (HSC) and the many services provided here. Fortunately, a kind stranger at the bus station told him about the HSC and that help could be found there. It was at least a place to start. He walked from the bus station, got a little bit lost, and slept on the street that first night. But he ended up near St. Vincent de Paul, and the following morning, was directed to the HSC’s Welcome Center.  

MJ was fortunate to secure a bed at the Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS), and very soon, MJ had successfully secured a job! He was to start work the very next day, but he could not begin working without proper clothing. He was referred to SJW. We provided him with a 30-day bus pass to guarantee his ability to get back and forth to work, a dress shirt, jeans, socks and a Walmart gift card so he could purchase an additional pair of jeans and some work shirts, enough to get him through a week of work.

Grateful and happy for this positive, new beginning in Phoenix, MJ says “I have this new job, and I feel great!” His wise advice to others? “Stay strong, keep your head up. And go to CASS and St. Joseph the Worker for help!”

We wish MJ all the best and are happy to have been a small part of his successful journey finding employment.