Joshua's Success Story

At St. Joseph the Worker, we travel to probation offices and treatment centers around the Valley to spread the word of who we are and how we can help clients become more self-sufficient. It was at one of these centers where we met Josh Alderton. He has come a long way and we are happy to be one small part of that process. Here is his story:


“My name is Josh and I have struggled with substance abuse and managing my own life for 22 of my 36 years. It has brought me health problems and homelessness and taken every bit of self-esteem from me. I was holding a sign on the freeway saying, “Lost Everything”. Some people would scream insults. Some would hand out money and say God Bless. I supported myself this way for two years. I had some people who remembered me from church give me food and pray with me. Despite all my struggles, I always believed in God. It was this belief and strength that finally gave me the courage to camp outside Crossroads until they let me in.  While in treatment I met Daren from St. Joseph the Worker and found out how they could help me with job searching and employment resources.

Once I completed treatment and moved into a sober living home, I applied to and was hired on a Friday by a water restoration company. They wanted me to start on Monday, but I had no way to get there, no money and I certainly didn’t have the work boots or clothing that they require. I remembered I had Daren’s card and I called him on a Sunday morning.  To my surprise, he called me back that day and we had nice conversation about work and life. Even though he wasn’t going to be in Mesa over the next few days, he mailed me the resources Monday morning and I was able to purchase them and get on the bus to start work on Wednesday.

It’s been great to be working really hard at a good paying job, I have been paying all of my bills and I’m even working things out with a wife I thought was long gone.  My 4 year old even remembers me and wants me around.

I know none of this is possible without the help of God and St. Joseph the Worker. It’s amazing that there is such an organization that is willing to give me a hand when I needed it.”

St. Joseph the Worker is honored to share this part of Josh’s journey. Thanks to the generous support of Mesa United Way and other community partners, access to quality employment will continue to restore self-sufficiency, dignity, and self-esteem for job seekers like him.