Joe’s Success Story

A job is financial stability and independence. The ability to do what I want.

Despite the COVID pandemic and other recent events, Arizona is the largest growth state in the United States, with 200 people moving to our fair state every single day! With more companies having moved significant offices to the Phoenix Valley due to cost, there has been increasingly more opportunity for Arizonans to find quality employment. This is especially important for those who are already struggling. They are our clients – those who have experienced sudden job loss due to COVID-19, those who have lost their homes due to financial devastation, those who are in recovery, and those who are experiencing homelessness. Despite our most recent economic woes, the Arizona economy is still relatively robust, and we are hopeful for a swift recovery. Part of that recovery is getting people employed as quickly as possible, in jobs that will help them recover from economic hardship and rebuild their lives; jobs that will contribute to rebuilding our damaged economy. At SJW, we are helping people get employed every day, ringing the success bell as those who are struggling find good jobs that will help them become financially self-sufficient and contributing members of society once again.  

A newcomer to Arizona, Joe had only been in Arizona for five days when he found St. Joseph the Worker and got hired for a full-time position at Express staffing as part of their Custodial crew. He is making $13.00/hour with the opportunity for benefits after a probationary period. SJW was able to assist him by giving him confidence and encouragement, suiting him up for his interview (a suit that he will keep for his very own) and giving him a monthly bus pass to ensure he will have reliable transportation to get to and from work – one of the most commonly cited barriers for the economically disadvantaged staying employed. Currently a resident at the Central Arizona Shelter Services on the Human Services Campus in downtown Phoenix, Joe is hopeful for a better future. He explains that he left an unhealthy situation and is grateful for the help to start over.

In answer to the question, “what does a job mean to you,” he responded that a job means “financial Stability and independence – the ability to do what I want.” And who doesn’t want independence and ability to be their own person? We congratulate Joe and wish him the very best as he rebuilds and creates a positive, productive and healthy life for himself in Arizona. SJW is proud to have been a small part on his journey to a better life through employment!

We thank you for allowing us to provide the transformational hand up that gives our clients a real chance at moving beyond their homelessness, at building productive and positive lives, and of contributing to better, stronger communities for us all!