Debbie’s Success Story

Sometimes, it is the seemingly small things that create large roadblocks. Imagine losing your job suddenly to a natural disaster completely beyond your control and having no money saved to help you survive – something not difficult to imagine right now. Then imagine making a new plan, working diligently to update your resume, submitting numerous applications and interviews, and then finally receiving a job offer. Your elation is palpable, as is your crushing disappointment and worry when you realize that your current financial reality – which you are working hard to move beyond – means that you can’t afford the necessary clothing, shoe wear or even the transportation to and from your new job. How can you accept that job? How will you be able to work?

Debbie found St. Joseph the Worker through Indeed when COVID-19 caused her to lose her previous employment. She was in search of work in a warehouse setting as she felt this would be a good fit for her at this time. She spoke with one of our Employment Specialists via phone. They discussed her resume, strategies in seeking employment during this unprecedented time, and companies that were hiring nearby. Within a week, Debbie reached out to let us know that she had been offered a job at the goPuff warehouse making $13/hr. She was scheduled to start in 2 days and needed shoes, proper clothing and transportation support in order to start her new job. We planned to meet at the 5800 office the next day where I could provide her with a monthly bus pass and Walmart gift cards to purchase her work shoes and clothing. She was so appreciative and couldn’t believe there were “no strings attached” to our assistance. I reiterated to her that she did all the hard work, and we were glad to help remove her remaining barriers so that she could start, and keep, her new job.

At SJW, we remove barriers to employment for all disadvantaged job seekers who come to us in need; and we assess and remove barriers based on each individual’s unique situation. We don’t turn anyone away. Whether you are experiencing homelessness or are working hard not to become homeless, SJW is here for you, committed to helping you get what you need so that you can become employed as quickly as possible. Committed to our community, during this COVID-19 pandemic and always, we continue to transform lives through employment, one job at a time.