MJ Comes to Phoenix to Find Opportunity

MJ moved here in June after a stint In Las Vegas where he was having a difficult time obtaining and maintaining employment that would allow him to afford his rent. Frustrated but determined, he did some research and hopped on a Greyhound Bus to our fair city, hoping for better opportunities.

Kyle now uses his struggles to help others like him

Substance abuse and addiction are among the most challenging life conditions one can overcome. Unless you are recovering yourself, it is impossible to truly understand all that addiction is and causes - not only in the addict’s life, but everything that they touch. And “getting over it” is a life-time battle that takes a lot of grit, support from a larger community and the ability to completely give up trying to control everything in your life.

Yader’s Success Story

Yader is a native Nicaraguan, and though a proficient English speaker, his first language is Spanish. HSC Employment Specialist extraordinaire, Sue, met him at the triage table on the Human Services Campus (HSC) (… where, due to COVID-19, all clients undergo a health screening and are then escorted to SJW personally) allowing Yader to communicate more easily in his first language. Yader is currently staying at the Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS) on Campus. He was referred to SJW for support resources when he was fortunate to get a job. SJW provided him with a 15-day bus pass and the clothing he needed to begin working. Hired at Surge Staffing to be a picker, he works 36 hours/week and makes $13.25/hour. He is grateful!

Wayne returns to SJW and successfully finds employment again

Having gone through a series of unfortunate experiences recently, and finding himself homeless once again, Wayne has been an SJW client before. He rang the bell in late March when he obtained a job at Upper Crust Bakery using our advanced staffing model through our SJW 5800 location, just as the COVID crisis was hitting AZ. But, as happens, it just wasn't the right fit for Wayne.

Roni returns to the medical field after a brief hiatus

What does a job mean to Roni? “A job is the road to achieving goals, becoming independent, and being able to use any job as a platform to share my spirit with those around me.” Roni is hopeful that this job will start her on the road back her beloved career as an X-ray technician. We recognize and applaud Roni’s attitude and perseverance and we wish her much luck achieving her career goals!

After becoming homeless due to medical debt, Jon gets a job with health benefits

Jon has been homeless for a while now. Struggling with health complications, he has been staying in Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS), unable to work. Getting his health back on track, he finally felt physically ready to work again. He came into SJW in the middle of June to get help finding a job. SJW provided Jon with job leads and quickly got him set up for an interview at Flagship Facility Services. Getting Jon professionally suited up in our clothing closet, he was dressed-to-impress, looking both professional and prepared for his interview.

Christopher goes from unsheltered to employed

Though living in a tent, Christopher got hired at a company called Trendwood, becoming a team member in their mill department: Mill 605 to be exact! He came into the office and rang the bell! St. Joseph the Worker assisted with the clothes and footwear needed for his job, as well providing as a 15-day bus pass to get him started. He started on June 3rd and works full-time, with a starting wage of $12.00/hour. It is a position that is eligible for employee benefits after a probationary period, and one with plenty of opportunities for overtime! Christopher will be able to start saving to get into his own apartment.

Gary Gets a Fresh Start

Recently released from incarceration and unable to pay the rent required at his halfway house, Gary was referred to the Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS) on the Human Services Campus (HSC). He says he is fine staying in the shelter for now because “these people really help.” And after being in jail and re-released into society with no money, no legal identification, and no friends or family to help support his success, that is exactly what Gary needs- help! With persistence and grace, Gary came to the HSC and was fortunate to get a shelter bed.

Yahshua is making dough after being homeless

Yahshua was hired at a local bakery and café as part of their production baking team, a full-time position, paying $12.25/hour and that offers benefits (after a probationary period). He starts work right away!

Juan transitions from homeless to employed

Currently living at the Central Arizona Shelter Service on the Human Services Campus (HSC), Juan came to SJW looking for work. He was given job leads, clothing and bus passes in order to apply for jobs in person and to attend interviews. This week, he rang the bell!