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A Letter from Brian

Since COVID-19 began to take over our daily lives and unemployment soared beyond 5%, SJW has been open and serving. They have not shut down once, meaning they’re the only employment-focused organization that has remained open and committed to being here, now and in the aftermath, to produce a strong, financially stable, firmly employed Arizona. In fact, during the month of March, they helped 154 people gain employment, and are currently receiving 100-200 inquiries weekly.

I want to give you some control and allow you to find a way to help in the most important manner you can; ensuring SJW is here NOW to serve fully, and will be here LATER to serve fully, to connect Arizona to employment and all it provides, and in turn stabilize our neighbors and boost the economy back up as quickly as possible.

While millions of dollars in funding are being diverted to healthcare, food, and shelter (as it should be), organizations like SJW, who are and will be needed to connect people to jobs, are being faced with challenges like never before. SJW is community funded, meaning they don’t accept restricting government funding. They are funded by YOU so that they can serve each job seeker as the individual they are, getting them an individual plan, and individual resources. No one job seeker is alike, so SJW does not prescribe to cookie-cutter methods. It is what they do best.

I am so committed to and believe so deeply about SJW and their mission that I will personally match your donations through May 31st up to a total match of $10,000. So please help a great organization with a great mission that will in turn help get your neighbors and our community back on its feet again. And remember, a donation to SJW qualifies for the AZ Tax Credit too.

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