After becoming homeless due to medical debt, Jon gets a job with health benefits

A job is a living so that I can be self-sufficient and get out of my current homeless situation

Adding insult to injury for those who are already significantly affected by unemployment or under-employment, are health issues. For those of us that have good health insurance, we take for granted how much it does NOT cost us to see our doctor or get treatment for an illness or chronic condition. But for those who struggle in poverty, a health issue can quickly force them into homelessness. The outcome in these situations can be very dire. But Jon was fortunate to find a shelter bed and be given time to recover from illness, he was able to become employed once again and is now working to rebuild his life.  This is Jon’s story.

Jon has been homeless for a while now. Struggling with health complications, he has been staying in Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS), unable to work. Getting his health back on track, he finally felt physically ready to work again. He came into SJW in the middle of June to get help finding a job. SJW provided Jon with job leads and quickly got him set up for an interview at Flagship Facility Services. Getting Jon professionally suited up in our clothing closet, he was dressed-to-impress, looking both professional and prepared for his interview.

Jon’s professional and pleasant demeanor are surely what got Jon hired so quickly! Winning a job at Flagship Facility Services, he will work as part of their custodial staff for the Sky Harbor Airport and was to start his first graveyard shift that very same day. He came into the office to ring the bell! We provided Jon with a monthly bus pass to get to and from work reliably, as well as providing Walmart vouchers so that he could buy the required shoes and black pants needed for his job – a full-time position that pays $12.50/hour and provides employee benefits!

We helped empower Jon to success, but getting hired was all him! When asked, “what does a job mean to you?” He wrote that a job, quite simply, means earning “a living so that I can be self-sufficient and get out of my current homeless situation.”

We applaud Jon and wish him continued good health and much success in his new job! And we thank all our loyal and generous supporters who believe in SJW’s mission and work and make successes like Jon’s possible! Together, we will continue to “Transform Lives through Employment” – today, through COVID, and into the future – no matter what challenges it brings!