Brent Downs, Executive Director

Brent Downs,
Executive Director

Patrick Winters, Director of Programs

Patrick Winters,
Director of Programs

Molly Pino, Development Director

Molly Pino,
Director of Development

Azur Priganica,
Manager of Strategic Business Development

Katie Thorson,
Special Projects Coordinator

Guadalupe Dickerson, 
Office Manager


Marcy LaRont,
Grants Administrator

Brittany Bell,
Development Specialist

Raeanne Herrera,
Program Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator

Ruben Myers, 
Lead Job Developer

Denise Burns, 
Employment Specialist

Alexandria Flores, 
Employment Specialist

Beth Dodt,
Employment Specialist

Elliott Bartell,
Employment Specialist


Daren Strunk,
Employment Specialist

Erik Klee,
Client Engagement Specialist

Ann Sliger,
Donations Manager